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Chloe And Danni Ashe

Chloe And Danni Ashe
Go back to October, 1993 with Danielle Ashe, as she was called then, and Chloe in London for a savory stuffing. Wow! Look how young they were back then. SCORE takes responsiblity for the introductions. Chloe is primarily the dominant one as she usually was with the smaller Danni in their other lezzie pictorials, either in the studio or on location. Both were cuming into their own as world-class lickers of gorgeous female flesh. Give them a fine pair of nipples to kiss and suck on, and they were in hooter heaven. And we all got to watch. Chloe could not keep herself off Danni. Danni was an important and valued SCORE Girl during her early days, lensed in London, and on location, for SCORE and V-Mag many times. Danni's other poonani-parties included sorties with Minka, SaRenna, Becky Sunshine, Traci Topps, Carrie and many others. Plus who can forget that threeway with Chloe and Carrie? Danni was one of the original Boob Cruise girls (paired with Chloe long before the Cruises began) and partnered with Scoreland in the early days of the Internet. Today, Danni's married and a millionaire from the web.


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