Nikki's Guide To Hot Sex

Nikki's Guide To Hot Sex
45-34-41 Nikki Smith has big boobs meant for a man to sink into, as much as possible. Lick 'em. Suck 'em. Fuck 'em. Coat 'em. She is a tit-goddess.

Nikki's mother also modeled for us. Her mom is a 48-year-old blonde sex bomb named Barbi Banks and she is as hot as her daughter.

Barbi's first hardcore shoot is posted at Barbi makes her newsstand magazine debut in 40Something (SP 245).

Honestly, I started watching porn," Nikki says about how she learned to give good head. "The first thing I learned from porn that I was really excited about was how to put a condom on a dick without using your hands. So I was really proud of myself when I mastered that. That was a big step in my sex abilities."

Nikki's blow job advice for girls: "Definitely take it deep. Gag yourself if you must. It's awesome; they like it. Not too much hand, but a little bit. More so on the balls than the dick. And enjoy it. Don't suck dick if you don't like it. It totally ruins it. If you enjoy it, they enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, they don't enjoy it as much.

What a babe.

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