Vanessa Y. – Bush Baby

Bush Baby
Prepare your combs and brushes for one of the bushiest slim 'n' stacked babes in a very long time and naturally she is European. Meet Vanessa, a Polish model who lets her muffin triangle grow and grow and that's a rarity in these days of smooth-shaven, waxed-bald tacos. Vanessa also spreads and fingers her patch snatch like a trained pianist playing a keyboard. She is not shy by a long shot. "Vanessa is a very nice and down-to-earth girl," said one of our photographers in Europe who knows her. "Even today in Europe, you don't see a lot of busty nude models with such a large bush. She is a rarity and really knows how to open her pussy in photos." In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys swimming, hiking and leisurely meals. Hairs to Vanessa.

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