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SEDUCING MY SISTER'S FRIEND, SCENE #01 When Carter Cruise walks into her massage appointment, she finds her friend's sister, Aali Kali, there to greet her. While they reminisce on old times, Carter asks her if she's the one that's going to massage her. When Aali checks the schedule, she confirms that it is indeed her. In the backroom, Aali asks her to take off her clothes. When Carter sees that she's about to give her some privacy she tells her that she doesn't have to leave. She takes off her clothes and lies down on the table. Aali oils up her hands and starts working on Carter. She can't help but notice how tight Carter's body is. When Carter tells she's been doing yoga and working out you can tell Aali is impressed. When she starts massaging her legs and thighs Carter starts moaning telling her to go higher. She puts her ass up in the air and asks her to go deeper. Aali seems a little uncomfortable despite knowing that her job entails the full satisfaction of her client. When she tells Carter that if she gets any closer she's be massaging her pussy, Carter tells her that it's fine. Aali stops massaging her so Carter grabs her hands and puts them on her pussy. Aali pulls away and tells her that it's time to lie on her back. As she massages her stomach Cater grabs her hand and puts it on her pussy motioning her to massage it. Aali doesn't think it's a good idea, after all their longtime friends and shouldn't fool around. Carter isn't listing to a word she's saying as she sucks on her neck and kisses her face. When Carter kisses her again Aali finds herself liking it and before she knows it the girls are fucking like long lost lovers.


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Dripping Wet Sauna Sex Leila (aka Blue Angel) and Anny Aurora are no strangers to the softer sex and making the ladies cum with explosive orgasms! These two stunning long time bisexual superstars are together for the first time. Watch them get hot in the sauna and eye each other lustfully as the sweat starts glistening off their perfect bodies. It’s been a while for both of them. Just shooting and working. Now these European friends get together and show you what REAL orgasms look like. Want to understand women. Seriously, watch this and pay attention. If you can....xxoo

Adriana Chechik, Tiffany Watson HORNY ASS FUCK

Adriana Chechik, Tiffany Watson HORNY ASS FUCK Tiffany Watson is lounging at home, doing what all naughty girls do when they're bored and trying to keep themselves busy: snapping pics of her tight little ass. And her tight little ass just happens to be filled up with a shiny bejeweled buttplug. Who's the lucky recipient of these photos? Tiffany's sending them to her lover, the beautiful Adriana Chechik. Adriana's at work, but that doesn't stop her from rubbing her pussy when she gets a glimpse of Tiffany's hot ass. Their sexting is making the day fly by for Adriana, but she still knows that it's never polite to keep a lady waiting, and Tiffany is most definitely waiting for her. So Adriana calls it quits and rushes home. When she gets there, her little hottie is waiting for her, ass out and plug in. Adriana loved Tiffany's dirty pics, but there's nothing like the real thing, so she doesn't waste any time, and dives right in. Before you can say &…