Squirting Roommates

Luna Star and Zoey Monroe are talking to each other about becoming roommates. Luna hasn't had a roomie in ages, so it will be nice to have a girlfriend to bond with. When their conversation ends, Luna turns around to get undressed assuming that Zoey has left. Little does she know, curious little Zoey stays to watch Luna masturbate and she loves every moment! When Luna squirts, Zoey can't help but exclaim 'that was awesome!', and surprises Luna in the process. Knowing that Zoey liked what she saw, Luna grabs her and throws her on to her bed. She offers to teach Zoey how to squirt! The girls begin to passionately finger fuck and lick each other. Luna makes sure her tongue goes deep inside of Zoey as they take turns sitting on each other's face. Within no time Zoey learns how to squirt and soaks the bed by doing so! It looks like these roomies are squirting off in the right direction! 96270_15.jpg 96270_01.jpg 96270_02.jpg 96270_03.jpg 96270_04.jpg 96270_05.jpg 96270_06.jpg 96270_07.jpg 96270_08.jpg 96270_09.jpg 96270_10.jpg 96270_11.jpg 96270_12.jpg 96270_13.jpg 96270_14.jpg

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